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Since its establishment in 2000, Raynbow Powder Coaters has built a distinguished reputation as a leading powder coating facility in Perth, Western Australia.

Excellence Defined: Powder Coating at its Finest

We specialize in powder coating a diverse range of steel and aluminum items, serving clients across the entire Perth Metro area.
We specialize in powder coating a diverse range of steel and aluminum items, serving clients across the entire Perth Metro area.

20+ years in business

Our unparalleled expertise in powder coating services spanning over two decades is unmatched. Additionally, we offer sandblasting and protective services.

Our Services

Service Excellence, Tailored for You.

Powder Coating

We offer a diverse selection of Interpon and Dulux color coatings to guarantee a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing appearance that aligns with your personal style.

Aluminium Chroming

We maintain a variety of tanks, each designated to contain the chemicals and solutions required for the chroming process, such as the chromic acid solution utilized for plating.


Abrasive blasting, is the primary method used to eliminate corrosion from various materials. We use blast media such as garnet to prepare the surface of mild steel.

Painting Services

Spray painting involves using a device to spray coating material onto a surface through the air. The protective coatings applied can range from single primer coats to 4-coat system.

Our Facilities

Your Ultimate Powder Coating Destination.

Our powder coating facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technology to ensure precision and efficiency in the coating process.
Pre-treatment Stations

We have pre-treatment stations where substrates undergo cleaning, surface preparation, and any necessary pre-treatment processes before powder coating application. This ensures optimal adhesion and corrosion resistance of the finished product.

Spray Booths

We have modern spray booths equipped with advanced ventilation systems to ensure proper airflow and a clean working environment. These booths are designed to optimize the application of powder coatings for uniform coverage and smooth finishes.


Our facility features ovens specifically designed for curing powder coatings. These ovens maintain precise temperature control to ensure thorough curing and bonding of the powder to the substrate, resulting in durable and long-lasting finishes.

Quality Control Measures

We have stringent quality control measures in place throughout the powder coating process. This includes inspection protocols to assess coating thickness, adhesion, color consistency, and overall finish quality to meet the highest standards.

Handling Equipment

Our facility is equipped with modern handling equipment to facilitate the movement of materials and products throughout the coating process efficiently and safely.

Environmental Considerations

We prioritize environmental sustainability in our powder coating facility. Our processes adhere to relevant environmental regulations, and we implement measures to minimize waste, emissions, and energy consumption.

Our Process

Powder Coating: Excellence, Every Step of the Process.


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