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By using different grades of abrasion and varying pressures, it is possible to offer a cleaning process that is appropriate, like a powerful, high- pressure blast, which will remove the most stubborn coatings. We offer range of blasting services in accordance with Australian standards.

  • Whip blast
  • Heavy blast
  • Medium blast
  • Light abrasive “brush/sweep” AS1627.1
  • Abrasive blast to AS 1627.4 Class 2.5

Safety protocols: Implement strict safety protocols to protect workers and visitors from hazards associated with blasting operations. This includes providing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), conducting thorough risk assessments, and ensuring proper training for all personnel involved in blasting activities.

Quality control: Adhere to Australian standards and industry best practices to ensure the quality and effectiveness of blasting services. This may include conducting regular inspections, testing blasting media for cleanliness and quality, and monitoring surface preparation and coating application processes.

Equipment maintenance: Regularly maintain and inspect blasting equipment to ensure optimal performance and safety. This includes checking abrasive media levels, inspecting hoses and nozzles for wear, and conducting preventive maintenance on blasting machines and ventilation systems.

Communication and collaboration: Maintain open communication with clients to understand their specific requirements and expectations for blasting services. Collaborate with other stakeholders, such as project manager, engineer, and estimator, to address any concerns and ensure compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

Other Services
Powder Coating

We offer a diverse selection of Interpon and Dulux color coatings to guarantee a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing appearance that aligns with your personal style.

Aluminium Chroming

We maintain a variety of tanks, each designated to contain the chemicals and solutions required for the chroming process, such as the chromic acid solution utilized for plating.


Abrasive blasting, is the primary method used to eliminate corrosion from various materials. We use blast media such as garnet to prepare the surface of mild steel.

Painting Services

Spray painting involves using a device to spray coating material onto a surface through the air. The protective coatings applied can range from single primer coats to 4-coat system.

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